Message from the director

A beautiful country, full of smiling people and diverse culture.
From a little seed growing into a Bodhi forest.
From a river flowing to four missions.
Tzu Chi in Indonesia has shown the glory and value of Universal Love.
Through Master’s words of wisdom,
we disciples will always remember,
Educate the rich and help the poor,
help the poor and educate the rich,
All the inspiring stories, are all Sutras;

All the committed volunteers, are all Bodhisattvas.Hoping for this beautiful country of Indonesia,
People are living in peace and happiness,To release themselves from suffering and find true joy,
Becoming the world’s model of harmony and prosperity.


Plentiful islands, various cultures,
Different races,
The smiles and kindness of Indonesians,
Tying the beautiful islands and creating a beautiful strand of pearl country.


Pain, calamities, poverty..
Lending both hands when needed;
Igniting a little light in the darkest corner
Bestowing hope.

Wealthy Heart

Educating the rich and helping the poor, helping the poor and educating the rich.
Great love surrounds people,


Respecting diversity, united by great (universal) love, Are the keys to harmonious society

Our Master

The bond between Master Cheng Yen and her disciples,
Gentle words of wisdom and care,
Feeling of true practice and enthusiasm.

The Answer

The value of Trust and the warmth of Great Love,
Transforming people to be better and more valuable.

Behind the scene

Hundreds of trips within the past year, mobilizing hundreds of people.
To capture best moments, departing from the darkest dawn,
After recording, organizing tons of files and images,
Leaving footprints in more than 60 places in Indonesia,
exploring the corners of urban and remote villages,
The contrast and diversity, joyfully united,
becoming a model in this era, leaving the legacy of Tzu Chi.



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Tzu Chi Center Tower 2, Lantai 6, BGM
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) Boulevard, Jakarta Utara 14470